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Keeping the Pirates at Bay: Implementing Crack Protection for Spyro: Year of the Dragon
October 2001 - Gavin Dodd
This article describes how Sony battled the crackers with crack-protection on their game. The articles gives some interesting ideas how to make it difficult to crack your product.

Bitwise Operator: The Plain Truth About Piracy
February 2002 - fprefect
This article explains how Ambrosia Software tries to battle piracy by requiring users to renew their license codes if they are out of date.

Game Download Registration Roadblocks
Feb 2003 - Bob Mandel
This article discusses some valid points about how it is important to make it easy for the consumer to register shareware products.

Shareware Amateurs vs Shareware Professionals
2002 - Steve Pavline
This article discusses what is needed to become a successful shareware game developer.

Another Take on Game Piracy
August, 2003 - Windaria
This article gives an interesting point in the fight against piracy.

Piracy and Unconvential Wisdom
June, 2004 - Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
This article discusses software piracy and what should and shouldn't be done to prevent it.

15 Metrics All Game Developers Should Know by Heart
Jul, 2015
The article explains how to interpret various metrics that shows how well your application or game is doing, which is important in order to understand what needs to be improved.