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Economy  7
  E-commerce & publishing  11
Game design  3
Jobs  5
Legal stuff  10
Management  1
Media coverage  6
Search engines  3
System administration  0
  Hosts & domain names  11
  Setup  13

Dexterity Software
Shareware games developer and publisher


Garage Games
Shareware games developer and publisher


(portuguese) Brazilian e-commerce


An Overview of Shareware Registration Services
June, 2002 - Chris Smolinski
A very good overview of some of the most common e-commerce services. Perhaps a bit outdated, but it gives a good starting point.

O-3 Entertainment
Founded by former president of Capcom America. Publisher focusing on smaller developers and original titles.

Myelin Media
Publishing company focusing on independent developers.

Reflexive Arcade
Online game publisher and developer.

Online e-commerce site where you can sell your products.