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A standard for Robot Exclusion
1994 - Martijn Koster
This article shows how to control the behavior of webcrawlers visiting a site.
This site can validate your site for broken links, and does it for free.

DNS Basics for IIS Administrators
2001 - Rich Hintz
This article explains how to set up the DNS configurations for your IIS web server.
This site has lots of resources that are useful when installing different operative systems.

Batch File Help
MS-DOS Batch file help for those that still need to write batch files.
This is a database with drivers for almost any device. It might not hold the latest drivers, but you can be almost sure you'll find a working driver for whatever you need.

IP Addresses
This chapter of the Linux Network Administrators Guide explains about IP address ranges.

Abuse Issues and IP Addresses
This FAQ from IANA contains interesting info about IP addresses and how to find out who is the owner of them.

Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
Bob Cerelli
This site holds lots of articles with tips and tricks for Windows users.

How to Crack WEP
June, 2005 - Humphrey Chung
This article gives a good overview over wireless network security, and important tips on how to protect your network from intruders.

BIOS Update per bootable USB-Stick
Explains how to create bootable USB pendrive, so that you can run common DOS utilities, e.g. flashing bios.

The official homepage for MySQL.

Hyper-V on Windows 10
Mar, 2016 - Sarah Cooley
This article explains the steps to enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 in order to run virtual machines with other OS installations.