2017-05-09   AngelScript WIP

Development on AngelScript has not stopped, despite the long delay since last release. It is true that the amount of time that I have at my disposal to work on AngelScript has decreased a lot the last few years, but I am still continuing the work, just at a slower pace.

I'm not yet ready to release the next version, but I've just completed a new feature for the upcoming release: external shared entities.

External shared entities was a natural evolution of the existing feature. Before it was already possible to take advantage of previously build shared entities to avoid declaring the full entity again, but only by taking advantage of the knowledge that the compiler didn't actually validate the difference in the declaration.

With the new keyword 'external' a script that wants to use a shared entity that is known to have been built in another module, can now do this by simply adding the keyword 'external' before the declaration and skip the actual implementation of the entity.

This not only shortens the size of the script, but also reduces the compile time slightly. The saved bytecode is also reduced since it also takes advantage of the known existence of the shared entity.

Example syntax of external shared entities:

external shared class SomeClass;
external shared interface SomeInterface;
external shared enum SomeEnum;
external shared void SomeFunction();
external shared funcdef void SomeFuncdef();

I hope you like the update. I'll provide more updates as more features are completed. I'll abstain from telling what I'll work on next though, since I have a habit of changing my priorities based on user feedback.

2016-12-18   AngelScript 2.31.2

A new release is finally here. Most of the changes in this release are bug fixes, minor tweaks, and performance enhancements. There are no new major features in this version.

Check the change log for the details.