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Process Explorer
Feb, 2008 - Mark Russinovich
A small application for exploring active processes and finding out who is using your dlls. It is especially useful for terminating processes locking files you want to access.

Net Peeker
A shareware network activity manager with the ability to detect and block communications on various levels, including program, protocol, and ip. In other words, not just a firewall.

Ad-Aware SE Personal
This is an excellent anti-spyware software that is free for personal use.

Sygate Personal Firewall
Free for personal use

Firewall that is free for personal use

This little utility will help you identify if spyware and even some viruses have infected your computer.

SpyBot - Search & Destroy
Patrick M. Kolla
Free anti-spyware tool.

AntiVir Personal Edition Classic
Free anti virus program for personal use.

USInternational keyboard layout for Mac OS X
Feb, 2005 - Rainer Brockerhoff
Keyboard layout for US keyboards that let you type international characters with just a few easy to remember keystrokes. Excellent for both swedish and portuguese languages.

Free anti-virus for Mac OS X.

Free CD/DVD/BRD burning program that can burn discs from most image formats, such as ISO, NRG, BIN/CUE, etc.

Windows Sysinternals
Plenty of useful tools and utilities for managing and troubleshooting Windows.

LogMeIn Free
Free remote access to your computer from any browser. The communication is made over encrypted channel with SSL.

BIOS Update per bootable USB-Stick
Explains how to create bootable USB pendrive, so that you can run common DOS utilities, e.g. flashing bios.

A free and open source memory test utility. This tool is useful to test the performance and fidelity of your memory dimms.

Visual BCD Editor
A free utility for editing the boot configuration data, e.g. to setup dual booting.

Martin Malik
Comprehensive Hardware Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting for Windows and DOS. FREEWARE