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Pixel shader example

This pixel shader shows how to decode the color from a font texture with characters packed into all 4 channels, and each channel using special encoding to store the character with the outline. The texture is also allowed to store full 32bit images for some characters.

// DirectX 9 pixel shader
float4 PixScene( float4 color : COLOR0,
                 int4   chnl  : TEXCOORD1,
                 float2 tex0  : TEXCOORD0 ) : COLOR0
  float4 pixel = tex2D(g_samScene, tex0);
  if( dot(vector(1,1,1,1), chnl) )
    float val = dot(pixel, chnl);
    pixel.rgb = val > 0.5 ? 2*val-1 : 0;
    pixel.a   = val > 0.5 ? 1 : 2*val;
  return pixel * color;

The chnl texture coordinate is a 4D vector that shows which channel the character should be read from. If this is (0,0,0,0) the character is interpreted as a 32 bit image. The texture coordinate can be stored in a UBYTE4 type, so it doesn't require much bandwidth when being sent to the video card.